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6 Ways How Foreign Writers Describe India

Apart from issuing fatwas (not legal now) against Indians writers who hurt Indians’ sentiments we have to also argue with foreign writers who describe India using obsolete information (Hey Google, give us our right to be forgotten) or stereotypes (land of snakecharmers, seriously?!) or even lifestyle of a small community of India. Yes, pick a […]


Unusual Indicators of an Economy’s Health

The OPECs, OECDs and the IBRDs of the world always come up with linear indicators of countries’ economic health (with equally boring names). No fun in those. So we dug up various platforms to identify certain economic indicators with positive correlation but not causation. Heavy Metal Music Heavy Metal sprouted originally from working-class kids in […]


These Animals are more Educated than 80% Indian Students

Yes, you read it right. India has a Gross Enrollment Ratio in Higher Education Institutes around ~20%, says Deloitte. And these animals whether enrolled or not, have a bachelors, masters and in some cases Ph. D. degrees too – all offered by homo sapiens. Wonder how, wonder why? Read on. Colby Nolan Colby Nolan is […]


How Cold War was Responsible for Chinese Gooseberry to become Kiwifruit

This is Kiwifruit. It was earlier known as Chinese Gooseberry. So why was its name changed? This fruit was introduced to New Zealand in 1904 by Mary Isabel Fraser, the principal of Wanganui Girls’ College, who had been visiting mission schools in China. The seeds were planted in 1906 by a Whanganui nurseryman, Alexander Allison, […]


What Dubai Will Look Like by Expo2020

When Dubai was selected as the host for Expo 2020, little did we know that the latter part of UAE’s theme for the event- “Connecting minds, creating the future” would be taken with so much seriousness. As UAE’s monarch said on winning the bid, Dubai would ‘astonish the world’, we take a look at what […]


Nations that were once Tax Havens

As Switzerland prepares to shed its tax haven image with its government getting ready to prepare a list of Indians suspected to have untaxed money in Swiss banks to be shared with the Indian government, we take a look at countries/territories that have ceased to be tax havens either due to pressures from other powerful […]


Now Hiring! Job Opportunities for Cats

Do you lick a person and purr to show affection? Do you knead when in a state of ease? Do you use facial marking to signify your territory? If your answer to the above questions is a resounding yes, then we have some good news for you, dear cat. You can be employed in a […]


Falsely Attributed Quotes

Ravi Shastri once said ‘Sunday is a funday‘ . He has also said a lot of other things. But at least he is the authentic source of these quotes unlike some of these quotes which have been wrongly attributed to some unsuspecting individuals. Let them Eat Cake The Misquote: “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”  was […]


Iceland’s Most Awesome Contributions to the World

TODAY is the National Day of Iceland, commemorating its independence from Denmark on this day 70 years ago. While the US government decided to issue a 131 words press release, we try to do something more interesting like talk about their contributions to the world in these 70 years.


One China, Two Systems- When Capitalist Economies Join a Communist Power

Beijing recently released a white paper where it announced that the central government holds “comprehensive jurisdiction” over Hong Kong and is the source of its autonomy. Hong Kongers burned copies of Beijing’s white paper on “one country, two systems” and accused the central government of treating the Basic Law like toilet paper. They said Beijing […]


Brazil Invented Brazil Mastered

 ‘England invented football, Brazil mastered it’ goes the popular saying. And this summer, Football will be the trending topic across the world. But as the World Cup arrives, some Brazilians will stay put with these uniquely Brazilian games that they have created.


Meet Caxirola: The Vuvuzela of 2014 World Cup

It is the noisemaker of the FIFA World Cup. It is loved by fans. Meet Vuvuzela Caxirola (pronounced as ‘Cashy Rola’) While audiences watching the 2010 World Cup at home complained of the ‘instrument of torture’, officials for this year’s World Cup in Brazil had a different reaction—they needed one of their own. Designed by […]


Aerial View of Surrounding Landscapes of Famous Landmarks of the World

Yeah, this is the official visual proof of the problems with urbanization and the growth of tourism industry. Great Pyramid of Giza– Honorary candidates alight first. The Pyramid complex borders the third largest city of Egypt, El Giza, on the bank of River Nile. The city’s infrastructure was the focus of the British government prior […]