15 Really Cool Facts to start your 2015 With


The US of A had its National Trivia day on 4th of January. That inspired us to get back to enlighten our readers (Hey! Are you still here?) What better than to start on a cliché 15 for 2015 type everybody is doing.

1. What THE


2. Mental Math


3. #MetaList

Wikipedia's inception moment

4. Patriotica

Green India Clean India

5. The Hipster’s decision is final and binding

Hipsters baby

6. The English language could certainly borrow such words to spice things up a bit

German is cool language

7. The World’s most expensive saree

Chennai Silks expensive Saree

8. Bhukkad

Nile crocodile

9. Bankers have a term for it, Compound Interest

Exponential width on folding paper

10. Make it large

Boeing's Everett Plant is the biggest building

11. To chill when the court is adjourned

Basketball court in US Supreme Court

12. Old story. Their achhe din are here

Zimbabwe Inflation Notes

13. Falam falay Falaani, Sanskrit kabhi na aani, Aani toh bhul jaani

Sanskrit Computer Software

14. Make it large 2

Man with 39 wives

15. A better claim to fame than his buddy Neil