Wilson’s Expressionlessness Did Not Go Unrecognized


Several times a year, the film industry puts on a huge show of celebrating actors’ achievements with a string of awards ceremonies. The paparazzi snap, and the recipients cry (genuine and fake), give over-the-top speeches and get all the credit. But what about the mute, expressionless, uncelebrated objects that really made some of our favorite films stand out? Thankfully, somebody recognized the worth of inanimate objects and awarded them deservedly.

Broadcast Film Critics Association is 250 member film critics organisation in the US and Canada. It was started in 1995. The same year they started presenting the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards to the top films, actors, directors, and others who help make movies that come to the theaters. In the 6th edition of the awards, in 2001 (honoring films released in 2000), the Association named Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks and Wilson, an actual, inanimate volleyball, as one of the top 10 movies of the year. Cast Away was also given one other honor, which was a debut appearance for the category and, for that matter, the final one to date as well — Wilson won “Best Inanimate Object.”

Bonus Read 1:

New York Times explains the science behind Wilson.

“Castaway depicts a deep truth about the irrepressibly social nature of Homo sapiens..the team found a correlation between how lonely people felt and their tendency to describe a gadget in terms of humanlike mental states.”

Bonus Read 2:

In the end, it was revealed that the Creative Art Emmys for the Best Inanimate Object award went to “The Killing” for the “rain”…. Due to the fact that the ceremony was held indoors, the rain was unable to accept its award in person.