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Classy Performances by Inanimate Objects in Bollywood Films

They don’t talk. They don’t react. Your wish is their command. But still, sometimes inanimate objects steal the show in a film. Talking about his critically acclaimed  performance in Cast Away, this is what Wilson had to say- “…….”. Yes, we weren’t expecting anything else from you Wilson. But hey, great show. Lunchbox Lunchbox was the […]


Wilson’s Expressionlessness Did Not Go Unrecognized

Several times a year, the film industry puts on a huge show of celebrating actors’ achievements with a string of awards ceremonies. The paparazzi snap, and the recipients cry (genuine and fake), give over-the-top speeches and get all the credit. But what about the mute, expressionless, uncelebrated objects that really made some of our favorite […]


Indian Sportspersons Who Became Actors

Indian boxing star Vijender Singh recently made the switch from trying his hand at boxing to acting, we look at some of the other well known sports persons who did the same.


Historically Inaccurate Hindi Films

Last week, we talked about Songs that Described Historical Events and today we explore whether historical films should stick to facts? While historians believe ‘Some accuracy and a basic adherence to facts are necessary because films and TV have a hold on the popular imagination and shape perceptions’, the movie buffs like to be entertained, […]


Songs that Describe Historical Events

Music and our history books have complemented each other. Some of the more thoughtful songs have chronicled major events with ease. Today we talk about some amazing songs popular not just for their music but also the way they talk about historical events. Gulaal, “Ranaji” Jaise durr desh ke tower mein ghus jaaye re aeroplane […]


Bollywood Actors with their Own Production Companies

You think you’ve been in the industry for over a decade and can safely call yourself a star. And so, any script  that you bring will be readily accepted by the big studio heads, sitting at the top of the ladder. But what if that script is not accepted by them? You create your own […]


The Largest Film Industries of the World

Wikipedia lists largest film industries in two ways- And The second list is skewed towards more populated countries. Thus, we talk about the film industries from the first list.


Classical Musicians Honoured with Commemorative Stamps

Someday the Indian postal department will release stamps commemorating popstars and rockstars. But till that happens, we’d like to check out the stamps honouring classical musicians. 1952: Meerabai- 16th century Hindu mystic poet and devotee of Krishna   1961: Tyagaraja- 19th century composer of Carnatic music   1976: Muthuswami Diksitar-  19th cetury South Indian poet […]


Must Watch Music Documentaries from India

Most musicians, whether famous and successful or not, have a life full of uncertainties. Whether it’s the struggle to make it big or for mere survival, one could watch a documentary about the lives of most of them. Here’s a few music documentaries from India that one must watch. Call of the Maestro (Lou Hamilton) ‘Call […]


Movies Inspired by Criminals, Criminals Inspired by Movies

Sometimes serial killers, murderers, dacoits, gangsters etc. make up great subjects for writing a story. And sometimes wannabe criminals get their inspiration from these stories. Today we meet people of either kind. Gangster, Manya Surve Inspired: A 1990 film called Agneepath and a 2013 film Shootout at Wadala Manya Surve was a bright college student […]


The Pioneers That Raised the Indian Film Industry in it Pre-1913 Days

The history of Indian cinema before 1913 is a fragmented one. And for us late 20th century types, we can’t even relive those moving images that were “A thousand times better than the live circuses performed by real persons” as most of them are lost. But what we do know is that the history of […]


Indian Musicians of the Medieval Period

In the medieval era due to external influences of the Muslim rulers that invaded India from the Northwest, the music in the North underwent several changes whereas the music in the South continued to develop along the same lines without any external influence. This resulted in the birth of two distinct systems of music: Carnatic […]


That Awesome Location in That Movie

With increasing budgets for making films, the struggle to find a unique location for shooting a Bollywood chart-buster song has given us film buffs a headache. The headache of not being able to identify that awesome bridge, that scenic hill station and that beautiful church in the backdrop. Worry not, dear earthlings, the placebo effect […]


Peter O’Toole: Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

This is part of Issue #37: So Close Yet So Far Many good actors end their careers without any sort of major recognition, be it awards or public appreciation. But the Irish actor Peter O’Toole was a cut above the rest – which makes the ‘distinction’ he holds at the Oscars rather baffling. In a glorious acting […]